What to blog

I originally got this blog so I could talk about anything and everything I wanted to without having to self-edit. Some friends don't like talking about sex. Some are opposed to this or that. I thought I would get a blog and just say any and everything I wanted to without worrying about it.

But if I want to show it off, if I want to send the feed to my friends, then I have to be more circumspect. Which was not the point of the blog.

Get new friends, you may suggest. That's a great idea. I would love to have new friends.

But I really like my old ones, too. And I want to keep them. I know they aren't perfect, but they know I'm not perfect and love me anyway. They're pretty special. They just don't agree with everything I think. So I don't talk to them about stuff I know will bother them (or stuff they'll get on my case for).

Also, I think some of the stuff I put up here would be useful to high school kids thinking about college, but I don't think I want them reading about my sex life. That's just a little too weird (MILTF-ish).

And, to get back to where I started, that was the whole point of the blog. To have somewhere I could put whatever I wanted about whatever I wanted. But now I have the blog and I like it and I think it's great. So I want to show it off.

Guess I will have to think about it some more.