Day 15

I am on day 15 of BFL.

My husband moved the clock to my side of the bed. Big mistake. When it went off, I turned it off. Then I went back to sleep.

He missed his workout.

I didn't, though.

When we eventually got up, I made some angel hair pasta for his work food and then went upstairs to work out. It was harder without him there. Normally I count on him providing my 1 minute breaks between sets. Since he wasn't doing any sets, I had to keep time myself and I would pick up a Muscle Media magazine and start reading and then realize 5 minutes had passed.

It took me over an hour and a half to do my workout.

Then I came down to eat. I ate a turkey breast cutlet and some green beans. One of my goals for today is more fiber.

On this program, sometimes you get tired of eating. You aren't hungry and you just don't want anything else.

That happened to me on my first challenge. I did well on that challenge. I lost 20 lbs of fat and gained 4 lbs of muscle. But I slowed down my weight loss considerably about half way through the challenge and I wanted to know why.

I looked back over my extensive food and exercise journal and found one good reason. I had eaten less than 1000 for 35 days of the 84 day challenge. That is a bad plan. It slows your metabolism down by making your body think it's starving. So, by not eating sufficient amounts, I had sabotaged my own program.

If I didn't count calories, I doubt that this mistake would have been as clear.