Can you require English only?

Some folks own a restaurant in Arizona. Workers speaking in their native languages, not English, were being abusive to customers–who also spoke that native language and knew what they were saying. So the owners asked their workers to sign a paper saying they would only speak English at work.

Now they're being sued.

You know, I am all for saving culture, but I think a restaurant owner should be allowed to make a requirement like this. Any responses?

2 thoughts on “Can you require English only?

  1. Where is the restaurant?

    If it's the USA, there ought to be a law establishing English as the official language and requiring it to be spoken in government offices and in public service.

    I saw a geography site that listed for the USA two languages: English and Spanish. Whoa, there.

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  2. I comfortable with myself. I like my uniqueness. Only that sometimes I tend to be too hard on myself. I've been reading your blog since you left your first comment on mine and yeah it took me this long to leave my comment as well. I like your blog and it's very far from most of the blogs I have seen. Yours is rather relaxing. Keep it up.


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