What's up with blog-city?

First, the blog software keeps putting the wrong date in. I have checked in Options, it knows where I live.

Then, when I went to put in a saved draft, I changed the date of it, but the blog software insisted on putting it in on the date I saved it. Even though that wasn't the date I wanted it published.

Anyone know how to fix this?

And now, I've gone to my blog and it says these were on Sunday. No they weren't.

Maybe that's cause they're in Greenwich and I'm not? Who knows? I'm going to try again with the 24th on there.

2 thoughts on “What's up with blog-city?

  1. you know, i haven't actually figured it out in my head how to do the date thing correctly. but sometimes, if it keeps publishing it a day behind, sometimes you have to re-save is as a new blog, but put it a day forward. and then once you save it as a new entry (a day forward) you have to delete the old (incorrect date) entry.

    and that was probably confusing…..

    oh, and by the way, YOU'RE Suzi! I was wondering who you were. 🙂

    mark [www.marktioxon.com]

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