Day 28

Normally in Body-for-Life this is a free day, but we take our free days on Saturday. I think I had about 4200 calories yesterday. And I did weights, because we didn't on Friday. Normally I would do aerobics today, but I did them on Friday, so this is my exercise-free day.

I've lost four pounds in the last four weeks. I've also lost over four inches in my arms, legs, bust, waist, and hips. I think I'm up to like 25+ inches total loss now. It's a lot more stable than weight loss, which fluctuates depending on whether I'm in my period or not..

We went to buy calipers today, since our body fat scale has gotten kind of wacky. However, Oshman's doesn't carry them. The other two places weren't open, since it's Sunday.

There's a site on the web that lets you put in certain measurements and they give you back your percent bodyfat. But I managed to somehow lose my bookmark for it. I used to keep the email about it, but I somehow managed to delete that, too.

Anyway, when I find it, I'll post it. They say it's within 1% the same accuracy as the total water immersion/displacement body fat measurement, which is the best we have.

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