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We have Tivo. Have had it for a while. It's great. You can tape what you like and then watch it when you have time. It doesn't mean there's always something on you want to see, but at least there's a better chance.

My husband's best friend got it just two weeks ago, after hearing us rave about it for months.

But my babe's been waiting for the new Direct TV Tivo receiver to come out. Which it did this weekend. So now we have it. He's been trying to do it himself, although there's free installation. It's not working right, though, and he can't get a human being on the phone. Hate that.

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  1. have you heard about the stories of the “ghost in the tivo”? Well, I don't have it, but I guess Tivo will record shows that 'it' thinks you would also like, depending on what shows you yourself choose.

    but since it's a computer, it doesn't always choose things exactly right and sometimes it goes way off. Like there are guys that'll be like, 'Tivo recorded all these cooking and knitting and home making shows just cause i watched a cooking show once', and now people will record different shows just so that their tivo won't think they're gay.

    It's just funny. They're afraid of what their Tivo will think of them! Although, I'm sure I'd be the same way…..

    mark []

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