Okay, you may not relate, but there is almost nothing as “feel good” as going into a teeny bopper clothing store and being able to buy clothes, even though you're forty. It's even better when some of the clothes are too big. It's even better when you look really hot in the clothes. It's even better when strangers in the mall are checking you out 'cause you look so good.

It gets better the next day when you put on some more clothes you bought and stand and look at yourself in the mirror and think, “Wow. I look GOOD.”

It's even better when your husband thinks so too.

It makes me very horny to go shopping, find great clothes in small sizes, wear them, get attention, and look great. What a day!!!

1 thought on “Euphoria

  1. alright, i think you should take a normal picture in your new clothes because i don't know if I can believe a 40 year old being hot unless they're all hollywood-ized.

    mark []

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