Although my husband is working and so are the garbage guys (Hurray for them being there!), most people who live around here must have a holiday. I went for my morning bike ride and saw about fifteen people, which is a bit up from normal. But this afternoon I was getting tired, so I went for another bike ride and I saw six or seven whole families, at least, twenty gray haired folks, a bunch of men about my age, and about fifteen teens out. It was amazing how many people were passing me or I was passing. Coming home I saw another dad getting ready to teach his little ones how to ride their bikes.

Have fun tonight and be safe.

One thought on “Holiday

  1. Yeah, not getting enough protein was very hard when I was a vegetarian. Having given that up, though, it's not anywhere near as hard.

    I get a minimum of 110 g. protein a day. so I don't think that's the problem.

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    Suzi []

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