For non-Macfanatics, MacWorld is a twice a year event, January and summer, held normally in San Francisco and New York or Boston.

Next week is the CA event.

Wired is carrying news that Apple may pull out of MacWorld NY this summer, something they had already talked about when it was supposed to be moving back to Boston. They are also saying they may pull out of MacWorld San Francisco. Obviously not this time, but soon.

Their plan is to have more regional shows. Ask me, I think it sucks. You have folks from all over the US with their products at these things and you can show your stuff off to everyone at the same time. It IS expensive and the work is heavy for a week. But it seems to me to be much more efficient that going to six shows all over the place.

Wired hinted that Apple just can't come up with new products twice a year. Well, then they could make announcements at one instead. I'm not opposed to having a regular speaker instead of announcements.


I am sure there are some techies out there with opinions. What are they?