Female sexuality is a disease?

Okay, that's not really what the article says. But it does say that pharmaceutical companies, among others, are approaching women's sexuality as a new way to market drugs.

If your sexual appetite is down, you're sure to want the female version of Viagra.

If you weren't well lubricated, then you'll want…

Almost half the women in America reported female sexual dysfunction, in a survey. Of course, they found that if the women had little kids she was less interested in sex. If she got fired, she was less interested in sex. If she got demoted, she was less interested in sex. This does not make her dysfunctional. (It just makes her different from men, for whom only full-scale depression and their favorite hobby can distract them from sex.)

The article says that treating female sexual changes as a disease is a bad choice. But if that's the only way to get the medication, maybe it's not all bad.