Sex helps your brain.

I was reading through Reuter's Health when I came upon an article titled, “Orgasm hormone spurs brain cell boost.” When you're getting as old as I am, that's potentially good news. Could having sex a lot keep my brain in better shape?

But, alas, the boost it gets is that I am more attracted to my partner. Hate to tell you this, but most women would be attracted to a guy who gave them orgasms. Even without a “brain cell boost.” The fact that my honey is a master at it is, in fact, a great tie that binds. That he cares is a great tie that binds, too. So…

Oh well. Can't tell him I have to have sex to ward off dementia.

Or can I?

1 thought on “Sex helps your brain.

  1. I'm seventeen. I don't think about sex as often as others, heck, I rarely do. It just doesn't appeal to me. However, my 18 yr. old friend is really like to bring sex up in conversations.

    Also, from what I've seen at school, there is almost an equal amount of girls who constantly think about sex as guys.

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