Problem at the Airport

This time the traveler with the problem is Penn of Penn and Teller fame. (If you don't know, they are very funny and talented magicians.)

He gets searched and one of the employees grabs his crotch area. Penn explains that that is assault and he would like the police to be called. The employee ignores that, finishes the search, and tells Penn he can leave. Penn says he isn't leaving till he gets a police officer. The one who shows up is a big fan of Penn and Teller and NOT a fan of federal employees doing security searches at the airports. He offers to fill out the assault report that Penn is asking for. Several supervisors get called. They keep telling Penn he can leave. They try to intimidate him by insisting on his license, which he gave them. They try to get rid of him, by telling him he's going to miss his plane. Then they offer him “safe passage” through the airport after giving him a disconnected number for complaint calls.

This site tells the story from his point of view.

My husband is traveling by air this week. If you pray, please remember him and ask for safety and hassle free flights.

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  1. Haha, we have similar questions I have written in my blog. One blogger called them rhetorical questions. But hey there are not just rhetorics. They always come to us when we see people suffering from consequences of sin. It could have been stopped right from the beginning when the littlest of sin sprouted in the heart of Lucifer. Anyway my point is that “trusting” is important. I do want to hold on to something like a God, I can't have an assurance from anything else other than that. I say to myself that He knows what is best for us so i better put all of myself to His care. But still they are really difficult questions we can ask when we reach Heaven.

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