Lapdancing book

No, the book doesn't do lapdances. It's an eight year behind the scenes look at a woman's life as a nude dancer. It's on the right bar about halfway down the page.

I think this is interesting because it is a subject I am wondering about. I know my husband goes and gets lapdances. I wonder what is the reason behind it. It's not sex or lack thereof; he's getting plenty at home. He likes to talk with a dancer quite a bit before he gets a dance, so maybe it's meeting new people, but he's such an introvert I have trouble believing it.

There's nothing risque, no pictures, on the boingboing site. So feel free to go and read.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the note on my blog. Had to visit yours and see what's up. I agree 100% about the rudeness factor on the net. What's the point. It just doesn't seem to benefit on anyone. Hope to talk to ya again.

    chriskntis []

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