Being a good guest

I like to invite people to my house, though you can't tell it from the numbers I've had over in the last two and a half years. But I enjoy it. I enjoy cooking and having the house look nice, talking and showing off, hearing about other's lives.

Yesterday was less fun, though. I invited someone for lunch. AGAIN. (This is a different someone than the one who stood me up.) She's self-employed, so I knew she had to work, but when we were, we worked our own hours. So, I assumed since she asked me to pick her up that they were sharing a car and she could stay a while. When I got to her business, she said she had to be back in an hour… If I had known that, I would have done the day differently. I didn't even have lunch cooked because she asked me to pick her up. Did she think I'd leave it on the stove? And she had her own car and offered to follow me, after my having come to get her.

I enjoyed visiting with her. But I ended up having to run by the bank to get cash because I invited her over and lunch wasn't made, because I thought she could stay long enough for me to make it (15-30 min) and for us to eat it. But including the time she was in my car, she only had an hour.

Anyway, I had the money so I could take her out. Thank God.

Was I a bad host? To assume she was going to be at my house for more than 40 minutes? Should I have asked? I never have needed to before.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Being a good guest

  1. You were not a bad host at all! Maybe you should have asked her and maybe she should have told you as well. I think it would have been a common courtesy to tell your host something like that. I don't see why you had to drive at all. that was kind of you to be willing to cook lunch for her. Well, I guess next time she wants to do something you should have her clarify the details before hand. Hope things go better for you next time. Have a great day!

    Nilgrothwen []

  2. I homeschooled my 3 adult children. The eldest is a very well adjusted 22 yr old man with a home and a full time job, my 2nd is a wonderful 21 yr old daughter and law student and my 19 yr old son is just a test away from being am EMT and has a job plus is a volunteer fireman. All three are on the nations top 10% student registry. Now, I have tried sending my 4 younger kids to a private school. 3 yrs later, we pulled them out. I am now back to homeschooling. I read what the person said about success not being the issue, what is it then? Success is the issue as well as the ability to be able to communicate with all ages not just those your own i.e. socializing. In the real world, our children will work with many ages and need to know how to communicate with them. Too many times I have seen teens and adults not even knowing how to start a simple conversation with other adults or elders. Most people don't even know that there are 8 ways of learning. How many ways does a teacher of 30+ students teach? One. Who knows their child better? You, the parent. Patience to teach is learned threw lots of prayer, want, need, and love. Selfish for wanting my kids with me at all times? No. Selfish is leaving my children to go to work because I need to feel useful or my self esteem is so low that I need something to boast or brag about to feel good about myself. This is a very unselfish, loving, difficult, yet most rewarding vocation. I will continue to teach until they are in college. I apologize for the grammar as I am a college dropout!

    mom of 7

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