What Not to Wear

What Not to Wear is a show on BBC America. The premise of the show is that two style consultants, who get naked at the beginning of the show, give you “cruel to be kind” instructions on clothes. If you give them your entire wardrobe, they'll give you a check for 2000 British pounds. Then you can go buy new clothes that they'll critique with as much enthusiasm as they critiqued your original wardrobe.

I've only watched two. Both times the women were overweight. One woman was a sweet, quiet preschool teacher whose husband turned her in to the show. The other was a vivacious, outgoing, opinionated hair stylist, whose girlfriend turned her in.

The first one was fun.

The second was… Something else. The hairstylist told them their hair looked bad and how to fix it. They told her she needed a new do, too. They criticized her clothes. She likes to wear wild colors and no sleeves and show off her prodigious bosom. I think she didn't get enough money to repay her for the clothes they took. She was spending her own at the end. This woman loves clothes. She got some more conservative clothes, but she kept stuff they hated. It was interesting.

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