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For those who came when this was up as a draft, sorry. I thought I hit save as draft, but apparently not. It is no longer a draft.

One thing I have found very interesting on blog-city that I am not finding on other blog sites is the lack of links. I enjoy the diary mode–what I did today. I also enjoy the journaling mode–what I thought about whatever. I do miss some of the “Wow! Found this great site.” Or the “Here's a site on what I was talking about.” There are some. had one just yesterday on some philosopher named Quinn's website and FAQ.

But, for instance, I've read two blogs about Gangs of NY, but no one directed me to a site where I could find out what that was besides a movie which the bloggers saw. I found that a bit frustrating. But that may just be me. I've been to Plastic and BoingBoing and they are not diary/journal bloggings. They are all informational.

By the way, I told my classes today NOT to blog. The students are 12 and 13. (I think my son would enjoy blogging, but he is 11, so he's not doing it either.) I thought they were too young for the discussions going on, at least at blog-city. I think some of them could have good input on the philosophy and Christianity threads I've been reading recently, but I don't really want them reading all the “WTF” and sex things that end up in here. Certainly not mine!!!

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  1. I guess it really boils down to how you use your own blog. For example, i always include links in my blog entries (i too am on Blog-City). Some people just can't be bothered, thats one of the problems. There are people that will link everything. As for your students not blogging; i think its down to self-regulation. Sit them in down in front of google and they are eventually going to hit stuff at some point. This is what happens when you give people tools for free-expression; they express!


  2. Wow . . . you must be a great parent!! Especially since you're surviving teaching your own children for such a long time. Good job!!

    I was homeschooled for 8th grade so I can understand what you're talking about. It is a difficult process. But I'm grateful that my mom cared enough for me to take so much time and personal energy out of her life to be my teacher. I'm sure your kids will feel the same way.

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