Let me comment!!!!

Okay, I admit, I don't feel comfortable getting billions of emails (okay, five or ten) from people I don't know. But I am frustrated at how often I want to comment and there's no way to do it.

Jerseygirlz did it this most recent time. I'm just not seeing a “leave comment” section. She said we could email her, so I guess I could try that. Just wanted to say, Jersey is beautiful and the city is fantastic. I love both those places. Don't let the Rhode Island hussies get you down. Wanted to ask, why 9 more years? Is this like the penitentiary or something?

A homeschooling mom did it, too. She's apparently using the blog to keep up with a girlfriend who's homeschooling, too. But I had a teaching hint for telling time, something she was doing with her son. And I love to share everything I know. (Sometimes it seems there's not a lot of it.)

So, if you have a blog, please let me comment. And comment for me. I hope someone is out there reading this. Although just writing it helps too.

2 thoughts on “Let me comment!!!!

  1. hey suzi, the homeschooling site is probably ours, my friend was doing the time work. When I set it up I wasn't sure if she felt up to getting comments from passersby. I'll check with her tomorrow and add the comments section if it's cool with her. I was missing it myself, wanting to be able to add comments to her posts . . .


  2. What if a parent that homeschools does not have a social life themselves, and does not expose their children to any outside friendships, social outings, church. Day in and day out those kids are only with their parent. This is where I think socialization can mean everything!! How are these kids going to go out into the real world? I would think that they are going to have a hard time coping, since they are not around children their own age.

    Concerned Non-Homeshcooler [avedar@hotmail.com]

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