What your condoms say about you

Found a funny article in Business 2.0, a magazine they sent us when the one we really wanted folded. I may have to read it more often, though. One of the articles was on which brands are most popular in which countries. They say that brand preferences show a nation's taste, but they leave you to figure out the interpretation.

Durex Performax
Special Feature:heat activated dose of the anestheic benzocaine is employed to reduce sensation and prolong intercourse
Popular in: The UK

Special feature: shaped like a shell, dubbed the “Leonardo of Condoms” by the NY Times
Popular in: Germany

LifeStyles Studded
Special feature: Hundreds of raised studs increase excitement (I'm sure they didn't mean that pun.)
Popular in: India

Trojan Her Pleasure
Special Feature: Enlarged head and ribbed shaft are intended to “provide extra sensation for a woman's most sensitive area”
Popular in: US

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