INS fiasco, protest

I love the USA. I love our nation's history, sordid though it is in places. I love our nation's motto. I love the flag. I love the pledge of allegiance. I even love the national anthem, more for the story than the music.

But I do not love the fact that people who went voluntarily to register, as required, as requested, were held under the “national security” cover. The government is not mentioning them. Other than to say they won't release the numbers. Yes, they're foreigners. Yes, they're Arabs. But all of us who live here had ancestors who were foreigners at one time. And I don't want to be arrested because a bunch of women with red hair went crazy.

Here's a site to help you make a difference. Give Peace a Chance

2 thoughts on “INS fiasco, protest

  1. I whole-heartedly agree with you. I don't agree with the things the government does & there's no telling what sorts of things they keep from us.
    Thanks for the link I will be checking that out.

    p.s. Look at it this way, if red headed women do suddenly go nuts you can always dye yours… j/k
    Peace be with you always

    Nilgrothwen []

  2. I think that you are taking quite a big risk in home schooling you children. Whatever success your children may have is not an issue and I think you haven't thoroughly considered the other benefits of school…it's not just about obtaining an education, it's a process of self-discovery where you are given sporting and musical opportunities. Social skills are vital in order to overcome the problems of 'the real world' because you need to communicate with people and express yourselves. With homeschooling, you are depriving your children form socializing with other children of their own age..they will grow up to have little self-confidence withihn a society. By competing against other students, you gain a sense of achievement and strive to do your best. Morever, you gain a sense of belonging…isn't that crucial for a child's development. I have to admit that you are inhibiting your child's growth and seriously need to consider that even though your child can become very smart or whatever, he/she will not obtain the skills of life that woulf prove useful in the future….Anyways, best of luck in the future..

    Disapproving person

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