Been Gone

The save software wasn't working on Monday, so I wasn't able to add my blog entries for the day. Did anyone else have this problem?

The good thing about that was I got my syllabus finished. It looks good and do-able. Much less work than I normally do in that sort of class. Much less for me anyway.

Then yesterday, I had a birthday, my husband's, and I wasn't interested in blogging. So nothing.

Today I was determined to get back on. I miss reading everyone's blogs.

But before I got on today something great happened. A friend who moved suddenly finally deigned to let me know that she was alive and well and living in Iowa. (I knew she was in Iowa. And for the last six weeks I've known she was well because she called someone else.)

She could have gotten in touch with me before. I wish she had. I have missed her and prayed for her daily or more often. She has been living an adventure. I have to say that if anyone is able to handle it, she is.

First off, her husband has been out of work for a year and a half. Second, she has lupus, which makes her life horribly hard. Third, when they went home to Iowa they expected to be living in her grandmother's old home. Which they did, but someone neglected to tell them that the furnace didn't work and the bathroom had caved in. So for a month and a half, in Iowa in the winter, they lived in a home with no indoor plumbing at all and no heat. I am not sure how they survived that long. I've never actually been in Iowa in the winter, but I know that Indiana is freezing.

I am so glad that she called. I know it's hard when you don't have good things to share, but she is one of the most charming, fun people I know. I may have to figure out where Iowa is and head out there to visit her.

My friend is back in contact with me. HURRAY!!! And I am back blogging.

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