Giving up

I have been seriously considering giving up on BFL. It's been 42 weeks; I'm in week 43. I've lost 43 pounds and 27 inches, but it is slow. And it just seems as if I am not getting anywhere.

My hubby took a week off, did no cardio and no weights, but did stay up on his feet for 8 hours a day four days, ate whatever he wanted, but did eat several meals–like 5 a day. He lost a pound and a half of fat and gained three pounds of muscle!!! I was here at home, busting my butt working out, eating clean, and lost .8th of a pound. Where's the justice in that?

So, I thought, fine. I'll just give up all exercises for Thursday through Sunday. I'll just hang out with my body and let it rest. But I feel so guilty doing that. I didn't do any exercises today. But I am not sure I can stick with it. I'm wanting to do some biking. I miss that. I haven't done any in over a week, trying to shock my body with other things. (Believe me, I did it, too. There's nothing like HIIT to kill you.)

Tonight I thought, hang it all. I can just eat anything I want to. It doesn't matter. –Think I've been a bit depressed and this isn't helping.

Then I tried on the smallest dress in my closet. The beautiful black and green dress I wore on our first date. And you know what?! I can actually zip it up. I can't wear it anywhere, because breathing is important and I'm still too afraid to breathe in it, but I can put it on.

So maybe I won't give in to the black hole of depression, cravings, and the desire for faster results like other people got.

I'll just have to save the Snickers for my off day.

One thought on “Giving up

  1. I just wrote about BFL in my blog but I made a booboo and called it fitFL. If you've lost 40lbs I'd say you go girrl! I may do the fit for life when I'm on vacation. I've been told it's awesome. Great job don't quit! : )


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