New is Scary

I think that new stuff is always scary.

I am taking it on faith that Physique Transformation will work. But I have always had problems with low protein/high carb and, for me, a 35/55 ratio is exactly that.

I started today and I am not sure how it is going to go. I was nauseous already this morning, after having a Myoplex lite cinnamon bar with my multivitamin. But I'm not sleepy, which is good.

I printed out today and tomorrow's menus so that I will know what I am supposed to be eating. It is a bit overwhelming trying to remember a new way of eating all at once. I am doing what I can to diminish the feeling of being overwhelmed.

My husband tried to get me to go on the mailing list. He figured that would help, too. I am sure it would. But I don't remember my yahoo name. Have to get another one or find where I wrote that down.

I am going to lift this afternoon. But no cardio for the next seven weeks. That feels weird.

The basic idea is that when you are dieting, you lower your metabolic rate. Since I have been at 1200-1500 calories for the last ten months, they are assuming my metabolism has slowed down to cope with my low caloric intake. To speed up your metabolism, you have to feed your body more food.

This week I have to eat 1740 calories a day. Then it goes up 200 calories a week for the next seven weeks. That tells my body there is plenty of food and I am not starving.

Then they start a daily calorie rotation. This is the fat-burning stage. They say that you lose about 2 pounds a week for 12 weeks in this stage. That will get me a little under where I had really planned to be, if I lose at the expected rate. However, then you go off and have to stabilize your weight. I figure being a little under will give me the leeway to stabilize.

Assuming this works, by the end of May I will be wearing a bikini to the beach.

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