1 thought on “Intelligence won't tell

  1. Sorry about not enabling comments at first! Thanks for leaving a comment too! Why switch out? Well first you have to know that I go to the Naval Academy Prep School up here and it sure isnt heaven. It's not supposed to be, granted, but the things you go through here and at the Academy (i'll be going there once I'm done here.. 30 Jun of this year) .. and a lot BS and politics and whatnot.. I'll probably deal with it for the 4 yrs, despite how I commiserate and stuff. Why 9 yrs? 4 yrs at the academy, 5 yrs in the U.S Navy or Marine Corps… well my comment is getting really long.. drop me an email at usmcjagzia02@comcast.net.. I added my email link to my header of my blog finally!

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