Manners on the Net

This is a minor rant. Not directed at anyone at blog-city.

If you receive a private email, it is good manners to respond privately. Not to post it on the net and lambast the person who wrote it. If you must lambast them, do it privately.

If someone posts about you in a blog or posts on your blog, feel free to respond in the comments or on your blog. (Although avoiding too much vulgarity is always good for this Miss Manners.)

I try never to diss anyone in my blogs. If I want to diss them, I'll tell them to their face or in an email. (Well, some politicians excepted.)

I was on a “support board” where the moderator posted a message which had been sent to him privately. Then someone got on and said, “Couldn't we do this in private?” Well, it was in private, till the moderator posted it. Poor manners. It was rude to the person who sent it (not me) and to the people who had to read it (since it wasn't addressed to them). I'm not on that support board anymore.

It's the net. It's available across the whole world. That doesn't mean we should be rude.

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    ps- totally agree about the rudeness thing too! Peeps mind your manners! =)

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  2. I agree homeschooling can be wonderful for a child spiritually and probably the best thing for learning. But I want to issue a warning. When I went to college I met many, many homeschoolers and I found this one unfortunate problem with their schooling: their parents raised them as snobs to the outside world. Some people argue that homeschooling causes shyness in a child but I totally disagree. Most of them were outgoing, the ones that had social problems were because their parents seemingly taught them that they were better than everyone else because of their mode of education. How about teaching them gratitude that God let them be raised this way? And instilling a spirit of love towards all no matter how publiclly they were educated or how low their reading level is? So to homeschooling parents and potential homeschooling parents everywhere, go for it, but don't ruin it!


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