Valentine's Day

Though I've taught the history of Valentine's Day in school, it's not that big a deal to me.

I'm not dating. I was never dating my husband on Valentine's Day. We met in June and married in December.

I get flowers for Mondays or whatever, so I don't have to wait for VDay to get them.

I buy myself chocolates (the closest I can get to Cailler from Switzerland) for Christmas and off-days. My husband has also brought me Ghiradelli chocolates, not for Valentine's Day, but because he had been in San Francisco, where they have a big shop.

It's a great date night at churches, because they tend to do something that weekend. If not your church, then maybe another one nearby. The church I teach my coop at is having a “Chez Dieu” party with a catered meal, magician, and music. The local college is having a casino night, but the tickets are a bit pricey ($70 apiece).

Since we left Austin, TX, though, date nights aren't rare for us. We can find babysitters at least once a month (compared to once a year in Austin) and my folks live not too far away, so they watch the boys once a month, too.

I love getting mushy letters, but my husband is just as likely to write me one on any other day as on Valentine's Day. Or just as unlikely, depending how the year has been.

Back in college I got a flower for Valentine's Day once. I loved it, because it came from the guy I had a huge crush on. I didn't throw it away till I got married. (It was pressed in a book.)

But that's the only really special Valentine's Day I remember.

All that to say that I don't understand the angst I am seeing on some of the blogs about being alone on that day. Although Kuro5hin had a remedy he says started at a friend's college, a Tequila and Porn party with all the single folks around–guys and girls.

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  1. Hey,my last name is Valentine. It's a celebration of my family not that dorky guy…. lol… j/k


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