I like blogging. I loved it when I first started. I felt like I could say anything I wanted to. No one knew who I was. It was safe to show all of me.

So I blogged a lot when I first got on. I had a lot to say. I found a lot to say. It probably helped that it was at the end of school that I started, which gave me more free time. Which I used to find interesting things to blog about.

Now that school is up and in full swing, I have much less time. This week I've spent about 40 hours on the net looking for lecture materials for lectures on Gulliver's Travels. I also spent about four hours getting my archaeology and the Bible lesson ready for apologetics.

And since I've changed my diet, I've spent about an hour a day trying to figure out how to make the thing work out right. That's been a challenge. I thought I was getting the hang of it, because I was getting high As. But then they upped my calories again and I'm back down to low As. (This food plan grades you on how well your food matches a very high number of parameters, including calories and ratios.)

I haven't spent as much time on other people's blogs as I used to. Sorry, guys. Life gets in the way. But at least I have a great one to be getting in the way.

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