looking for a boyfriend?

It's free. (Or so it says. I don't need one, so I didn't keep looking.)

Great Boyfriends is a reputation site for listing your guy friends who might like to get a new girlfriend or are rather shy. Hmm… Could I list folks off blog-city? Better not. It's also a site to look for a boyfriend. I'm not quite sure how you would manage to meet Mr. Perfect after you find him at the site, but…

It's a fun idea.

2 thoughts on “looking for a boyfriend?

  1. Its a fun idea if you can get someone to list you… 🙁 Most of my friends are far to stuck up and conservative to try something quite so insanely different… Oh dear – feeling sorry for myself now. I make good Tea. Aah, feeling better now. Self-complimentation – its the way forward I tells ya.

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  2. I'm Suzi's husband and I want to finish the 12 weeks of faithful tithing for a couple of reasons, but the biggest is I want to be able to tell people to shut the fuck up when they tell me I'll get back what ever I tithe and more.

    Also I was inspired by Real Preacher Man saying God calls us to be faithful, even when we don't have faith. If Malachi is to be taken literally, and I'm allowed to test God in this, I will be faithful. I figure if he doesn't come through as expected I misinterpreted his word.

    For what is worth Megan and the other commenter, the NT testament doesn't talk about tithing like the OT. People should give and they should give in a way that is sacrificial, putting their money where their heart is. There aren't any strict rules about it. As Galations says we aren't living under the law anymore.

    Of course we could ask if we are sacrificing. Have we cut back our lifestyle to make the tithe? Or just lived the same and used up our savings.


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