Birthday blues. mental hospital

I think that the gray weather has contributed to my blahs. It… Damn. I was going to complain about being all alone for my bday, except my immediate family, and not having much money and stuff. But my dad just called and my mom is going to be put in a mental hospital tomorrow.

I am not going to ask how much worse it could get, but I really wish I knew how bad it really is. A mental hospital.

Just got through reading a blog from a person who wrote about talking to Tim at the hospital during her J-term with mental health. Said it is coming at me from all over the place. I wasn't expecting quite this much, though.

How often are bipolars that bad that they need hospitalization? Guess I have to go surf the net.

1 thought on “Birthday blues. mental hospital

  1. Suzi- Happy birthday. I'm sorry about your mother. I used to live with a fella who was bi-polar. In two years, he checked himself into the hospital three times (that is, in fact, where I met him, but that's another story). While it may seem awful to those close to the person, realize that it's not really a bad thing. A lot of good can come from a simple change in environment, or new meds, or or or… Anyway. I hope it all works out ok. And again, Happy Birthday. I hope it gets better.

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