Suicide watch

My mom is on a suicide watch. Or however I ought to say that. She believes that suicide is an unforgivable sin, but has threatened suicide twice this week. My dad couldn't get her in to a psychiatrist (emergency openings were April 28), but got her in to see a psychologist. After talking to her, he got her a morning appt on Monday with a psychiatrist, gave her a 24 hour hotline number, and offered her sanctuary in a psych ward.

I don't know if I should be relieved that folks are watching her or terrified that she was talking about suicide. I think that I am both.

My family has had some BAD experiences with psychs, so I was amazed my dad took my mom. I didn't get much info to start with and when I started calling my parents' friends trying to get info, the speculations just freaked me out more.

I called several friends and asked for prayer. My mom's friends also called several friends and asked for prayers. Mom was much better today (Saturday) than Thursday night and Friday morning (when the threats happened). I hope the better continues through the psychiatrist's visit and however long it takes to get new meds established.

Both my mother's brothers committed suicide. One just three years ago. The other sixteen or more years ago. My mom is 58. Very young for a family where all the women for generations have lived into their 80s.

I don't know how to help her. I did go and read about bipolar.

If you aren't always wondering if “something is wrong,” it is an interesting read. Otherwise, avoid it like the plague. I was, oh no-ing all over the place before I made myself go back and count through symptoms, etc. My 11 year old is silly. That's one of the symptoms for bipolar in children. Well, I teach and I know LOTS of kids are silly. If that were the only criteria, ouch.

I can't help my mom. I don't know what to do. And, although I hate to sound this selfish, I did not expect to be dealing with major parental anxieties quite this young. As I said, my family tends to live into their high 80s. So, since my folks are 16 and 21 years older than I am, I figured I'd be in my 60s when the problems started cropping up. Not 40/41. I had hoped to gain a lot of wisdom between this time and that.

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  1. I can't imagine how terrified you must be. It's a disgrace that they couldn't get her in to see a psychiatrist until April. I hope the psychologist helps her. Good luck–I'll be thinking supportive thoughts toward you!

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