Kitchen kitsch in the Media

I was reading Newsweek, because my dad brought it over. It had an article about kitchen kitsch making a comeback. They talked about “rediscovering items which didn't serve much of a function the first time around.” They include crockpots. The authors obviously aren't lower middle class Americans. We've been using crockpots this whole time. You can start dinner at breakfast; go to work; then you can come home to a hot meal.

The end of the article said “If we end up vacuuming in high heels, then the terrorists will have won.”

At some level, I think this is funny. At another, I find it offensive. Must everything devolve to a response to 9/11? How will the terrorists win if we all end up as June Cleaver, smart, sexy, immaculate moms, wives, and homemakers? (Okay, those of you who aren't home probably don't want to become June, but I'm a full-time mom. I wouldn't mind.)

2 thoughts on “Kitchen kitsch in the Media

  1. If a chick vacuuming in nothing but high heels is the terrorists winning then Playboy is a terrorist publication and I want to sign up for terror school.


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