Have you read them?

I'm a big sci-fi fantasy fan. Found this link on Science fiction Book Club which gives a list of their top 50 books of the last 50 years. I've read 10.

I know some of the others, from my husband having read them.

But where are MY favorites? Miller and Lee's Liaden series? Gordon Dickson's Dorsai or Dragon series? Elizabeth Moon's Deed of Paksennarion? Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar? Patricia Wrede's dragon series? Anne McCaffrey's psychic series? Rick Cook's Wizardry series?

What are YOUR favorite sci-fi/fantasy books?

2 thoughts on “Have you read them?

  1. Wrede's Dragons hands down. Haven't actually read anything on the list cept those but I go back and re read them every so often:)

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