Minor rants.

Dixie Chicks. The Houston Chronicle today talked about Maines Friday response to her earlier remarks in London. Many radio stations got calls from listeners asking them to pull the Dixie Chicks' music. Several put up web polls. Their listeners were 75% for pulling the songs. Stations are supposed to pay attention to their listeners. So, many of the radio stations pulled the music.

One said, “We didn't want to get on the band wagon.” Meaning we don't want to do what our listeners want?

One said, “This is America. You're allowed to say what you think.” You betcha. And we're allowed to not like it and boycott your work or business because of it. Remember the civil rights movement?

The Houston Chronicle mentioned the info that Maines apparently forgot, most Texans and Country music fans are very patriotic. My dad, being a Texan and CW fan, was particularly unhappy with the statements.

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