Hard time writing.

I am trying to write a novel. I love the story. I love the character. But after nine months of whenever the mood hits me writing, I had 32,000 words. This week I added another 7,000. So now I am up to 39,000. Of course, the book is going to take about 150,000. With that in mind, I am less than a third of the way through.

Why is it that when I have time, I don't have inspiration? I have had plenty of time this week to write, but I haven't done it. (Except for the half day when I wrote the 7000 words.)

I wonder if it is because the story hasn't jelled in my head. I mean, I know how some of it is going to go, but I don't quite have the bridge to get from where I am to there yet. It's hard to write when you don't know where you are going with the ideas.

The 7000 words are side stories which I had thought about beforehand, when I first introduced two characters into the story. I had a strong basic idea for who these two characters were and where they came from. Then I just started writing their stories. I found out a lot more about them than I thought I knew. Toban was a grandfather! And the stories were a lot stronger than I had really thought out. (Ideas in my head just came out when I was typing.)

Anyway, that leaves me wondering if I don't have a strong enough story line in the main section right now or, if I just wrote, if the story would write itself. I don't want to know though, I guess, so I am writing about it here.

It isn't exactly writer's block. It's more like writer's procrastination. Any ideas for getting over that?

2 thoughts on “Hard time writing.

  1. how are you when you write? do you put EVERYTHING down that comes from your head or do you have to have it closer to 'right' when you start typing it?
    you've been writing for a long time now and you still don't have a cure for writer's procrastination? ha. of course… I still have no cure for… ANY procrastination.
    150,000 words. damn that's a lot of words…

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