Questions about God

I'm teaching a class on arguing for your faith. (Yes, even apologetics teachers get doubtful). I'm basically asking questions and answering them, based on what I see on blogs or have heard.

What is apologetics?

What do you believe?

How do you know there is a god?

Is God good? If he is good, then why does he allow suffering? (Good response at If he is good, why did he command things that sound terrible to us?

Why is there evil?

Is the Bible reliable? Do we have any reason to believe the book we have now is even similar to the originals?

Is the Bible contradictory? Is the Bible internally consistent?

Is there any external evidence to the truth of the Bible?

Who is Jesus?

Was Jesus racist? sexist? wimpy? lunatic? liar? Lord? Who does Jesus say he was?

Do God and science disagree? Is evolution true?

Aren't all religions the same? How can you say Christianity is the right religion?

It's a once a week class, for 45 minutes. Those are the questions we've covered this semester. I feel like we should have covered more, but I am not sure what others I would want to cover.

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  1. Hi – thanks for the link to my story about getting stuck in the subway during the blackout. Thought I'd tell you about a funny coincidence. I actually visited your blog blog just before the blackout. I was helping a relative set up a blog and I was searching through daypop to get ideas for names/descriptions of blogs. “My House” was the first one on the list I sent him. A few hours after I got off the subway I talked to that relative and jokingly told him he was the reason I was on the subway during the blackout — otherwise I would have left for Manhattan much earlier and would have been home before the lights went out. Thanks again for the link.

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