Who eats better? You or your kids?

My husband was interested in getting responses to this question.

He and I are both on BFL, so we are keeping careful records of what we eat. And we have to eat a reasonable amount of “not junk” food.

Our boys are vegetarian. As he says, that means they ought to be eating well. But their preference would be “wheat and cheese”-atarians. I make them eat 7 veggies and fruits a day and get in 30 grams of protein. Which should really go up as they grow taller. Veggies and fruits include peanut butter, juice. Each thing you eat can only count 2x in one day. So if they have four peanut butter sandwiches, that's still only 2 fruits and veggies. Same with their juice. Or grapes and strawberries.

I think that we all eat about equally well. When we take our free day off to eat poorly, the boys eat poorly too. But when we go out to eat, they ALWAYS eat poorly unless we go to Souper Salad, which is hard on BFL because there is no protein there. I miss Souper Salad. Maybe next free day we can go there.