Logging me out

To be polite, to be fair, I didn't freak out on my blog about the first two times I was logged out of my blog and blog-city, apparently randomly, while working and reading. I was enjoying the blogs I was getting to. However, I have now been logged out three times in less than an hour, even when I was only doing blogging stuff. What's up with that? I did write and ask blog-city's managment.

My family says I have Jurassic Park disease. I can get computers to produce unreproducible bugs. So stuff like this annoys me, because I can do goofy stuff like this to myself on accident.

I hope I'm not logged out again.

1 thought on “Logging me out

  1. Hi Suzi, this is happening to me, too. It's a bit annoying because blog-city logs me out in less than 10 minutes from last update. So it seems that this is NOT your Jurassic Park disease at work. Or am I contaminated? 🙂

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