Extreme Makeover

ABC has a new show called Extreme Makeover. They do plastic surgery, caps for your teeth, gourmet organic meals in your hotel room, etc. Last night's show had two women. One woman is my age and, while she didn't look wonderful, with a hair cut and some decent makeup she could have looked a lot better.

That particular woman, when she was finished with her eye lift, cheek change, porcelains for her teeth, nose job, laser scar removal, chin tuck, face lift, hair cut and make up looked probably better than she has in her whole life. Made me think, okay maybe it would be worth the surgery, the pain, the nausea, etc.

If I were getting an extreme makeover, I would want the eye lift, the chin tuck, a nose job, and probably a breast lift. I wear a D, so I don't need added anything there. But I am 40+ and the forces of gravity on large breasts can be pretty hefty.

But would I want all that when it would mean six weeks away from my family and long complicated surgery? Maybe. I'd like to finish my personal transformation first, though.

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  1. have you tried the mayo clinic diet? it's what my parents are on. similar to atkins in some ways but not in others. the best part is [grins] a break every two weeks.

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