Driving test

I finished my driving course. In a horrible mood. I can only take one chapter at a time without getting frazzled, but hubby insisted I needed to finish tonight. Then the course wouldn't let me advance out of chapter ten. I took the final twice, getting all the answers correct each time, before I could get out. Then I was taking the last test, the test, the one you can only take three times. And my internet connection went down. Since you only have 24 minutes to answer the questions I immediately phone the people. Could I just give them my answers over the phone? No was their answer. That would fail me twice.

I did get internet back, obviously since I am writing this. And I passed the second time. They said I was wrong on one answer and then gave the right answer as the same one I gave. Also, they asked a question about whether it was a class A, B, or C misdemeanor to get a DWI. How would I know? I didn't get one. It's one class if you're over 21 and a different one if you're under 21. I guessed the letter for the under, that's the one I remembered. Apparently they wanted the other.

Anyway, next time (God forbid!) I am not taking a course online.

Another irritating thing was they asked for information that they shouldn't have as “authentication.” They asked me my father's name. I'm 41. They asked me in what state I got my ss#. What do they have my soc number for? They asked me who the car belonged to and then told me I was wrong when I said it belonged to me. (It does.) They asked me for the license number on my car. for the expiration date on my driver's license. (I ran down to look for one. I lied on the other. I don't carry my driver's license with me to the internet. Highway is a metaphor, for goodness sake.)