Reacting– or not

As mentioned in the last two entries, I read a book I didn't like. My first thought was “run away.” Go get another book and hide from the feelings. My next was “eat.” Since I just finished eating half of a not very good Chinese meal, that was a bad choice. A choice from before I was getting healthier. Now I'm in the Healthier stage, not the Eat stage. So, I thought of some fun words as a short term pick me up on my way home. Then I went and worked out with my weights.

Once someone suggested I make a list of ten things I liked to do as a replacement for emotional eating. My favorite is “having sex.” However, since it's that time of the month in a major way, that's not as much fun as normal. I don't even remember what else was on the list. Maybe I need to make another one.


Weight lift

Work out on the trampoline (an exercise one, not the big thing)

Listen to the song that never ends (60 minutes of guitar and rain mixed together into the most incredibly soothing sound, which my husband hates)

Write poetry


Work on my novel (72,000 words and counting!)

Plan for my classes that I'll be teaching next year

Have sex (You have to save the best for last! At least on the list.)