Sex in the life of older women

That's what got my attention about this article. It says the researchers studied women in their 20s and 50s. Those who didn't have a permanent (or semi-permanent) partner had dates just as frequently, at either age. But the younger women got more sex, more cuddles, more making out, more sleeping together. This, the study called romance.

Has someone been talking to college age men? That's what they call romance, too.

I, however, am a woman in my 40s. Romance is flowers. (I got 2 dozen yellow roses from my honey today.) Romance is watching the series “Tremors” together after the boys are in bed. Romance is sitting on the couch with his legs draped over mine, or vice versa. Romance is sitting on two opposing couches in the living room and both reading books. (We don't do that much because he hates to hear me turn the pages so often.) Romance is a gentle touch on the shoulder or back. (Ate that up. Got it last night, too. One of my favorite things.) Romance is a note in your luggage when you're away from home. Romance is going where you want to go for dinner.

I love sex. I love cuddling, spooning, making out, sleeping together. But that's not romance. It can be part of romance, but it's not all there is. Or even most of it.

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  1. It's nice to read about your views on romance. I agree with you that romance are the sweet, simple, little moments that you share with the one you love.


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