Censorship of the Press

This article on Plastic says that FOX is going to be shut out of Britain because it is biased. I think this is interesting because I think all news is biased. What is covered makes it biased. Journalists ignore stories which show their views in a bad light and highlight stories which show others' views in a bad light.

In my opinion that is why FOX is doing so well here in the US. We were tired of left of middle media saying they were unbiased and objective and then carrying huge stories pro-left and/or anti-right.

I think it is interesting that the Brits think it is obvious Fox is right of the middle, but not that others are left of the middle. But, in my opinion, the TV stations have been left of the middle for years. So have the newspapers. The radio tends to be right of the middle…

I was also annoyed, for the second time in two days, to see that Plastic is SO pro left. (Its writers and its readers.) Yesterday's article that ticked me off was a “news” article (that is a requirement for plastic, that they be news) of how stupid the Religious Right is. And all but one of the commenters agreed, even to the point of saying that right-ists should be censored, that they should not be allowed freedom of speech. (Remember history: when freedom begins to be taken away, more people lose their freedoms.)