Colors: What they mean, what they do

Read an interesting blog today with some links to color sites on the web.

This one is on color psychology. It says black is the color to look thinner, appear aloof, and be submissive. (Drats. I like my black outfit that my husband calls my “kick ass” outfit. But I sure don't want to submissively kick ass.) Red is, of course, a stimulating color. But wearing red, apparently, makes you look heavier. It is also an attraction color. It's attractive to thieves, to eyes, etc. Green calms you and is currently one of the more popular design colors. (Our carpet is dark grass green but people freak out over it.) Go to the website for more info.

This article is also on the psychology of color. It has a lot less info, but talks about cool colors versus warm colors and what neutrals bring to the mix.

This section talks about how to use colors together. It's an intro to the color wheel.

This site has the colors too, but it lets you pick a color and give your reaction/response to it. Some are out there and some match what the psychs tell us.

This site is on the meaning of color in different cultures. I thought that was fascinating. I have a girlfriend who was born and raised in Korea. She says that the words for blue and green are the same thing in Korean. So she was selling a car here and said it was blue (it was green). Many people would not even look at the car because it was a bad color for a car. Why do you think green is a bad color for a car?

Hewlett Packard has an interesting PDF file on the meaning of color, which includes meanings in other cultures. I could not figure out how to put it in here so that you could just click on it. However, if you google “Meaning of color light pink” it is one of the first ones that come up.

Being a female, and a rose lover, I was delighted to find a handy list of the meaning of different colors of roses. This used to be a lot more used, but I think it could be again.

If you want to learn more about colors than just about anyone, go to this site. It talks about color in sales, color in the media, color in consumer products, biological effects of color, color usage in American football (look under Red). Very interesting stuff. It also discusses color in relation to movie titles, for you movie buffs.

I think I'm going to go out in my black (thinning) outfit in my red (attention garnering) car to get something to eat. See you later.

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  1. I found I suddenly needed to know all those strange parts of speech when I took a foreign language. Think I learned more English in German than German.


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