College Finals

Had finals this week. I gave mine on Saturday. Had to be graded and grades in by today at noon. Got it done. That's not amazing. What is amazing that I had people come to class who have been absent half the time, haven't turned in any papers, and want to know if they can pass.

NO YOU CANNOT PASS an English class if you don't write the papers. No you cannot pass any class where the teacher wants you to learn stuff they talk about in class if you don't show up for the class.

Then I had students who are still on my rolls even though they didn't come past the second week. So they got Fs. Cause they didn't drop the class themselves. What's up with that? (Happens every semester and it still freaks me out.)

Of the students who showed up for the final the ultimate grades ended up with 3 As, 2 Bs, 1 C, 2 Fs. (It's a weekend class so they expect people to drop out/fail out by failing to drop.)

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