When are you grown up?

This site says that in the 50s most women were married when they were 18. Now most women are 25 when they marry.

According to the survey, the age at which we reach the seven stages toward adulthood are:

Financially independent: 20.9

Not living with parents: 21.2

Full-time employment: age 21.2

Finishing school: 22.3

Able to support a family: 24.5

Marriage: 25.7

Having children: 26.2

Of these seven stages, which is most important to becoming an adult? Survey participants said:

Finishing school: 73 percent

Full-time employment: 61 percent

Able to support a family: 60 percent

Financially independent: 47 percent

Not living with parents: 29 percent

Marriage: 19 percent

Having children: 16 percent

Notice the first two ages in the first list. I would think that if you were financially independent, you would not be living with your parents. If you are living with your parents, you may have money, but you are not financially independent. (As a parent, I find that an important distinction.)