Driving round blog-city

Every once in a while I just start at the top of the blog types and go through the most recent blogs published in all the types. (Though I may have to quit going if they get too many of those.)

I find all sorts of interesting places and things.

Queensbury.blog-city is from Houston. Sounded to me like it would be from the UK. It had some interesting facts about the US census of 2000. The most interesting one to me was that Houston has more population than all 20 of the least populous states. (When I first read it I thought that meant all together, but now I think it means individually.)

Velvetryn.blog-city let me know that Coca Cola used to be green. Some of the facts were even more interesting. Even the ones I didn't think were true.

Barns.blog-city always has an interesting comment. I like to read his.

I only got through culture blogs today. I'm going out with friends, so I'll have to read through more later.

1 thought on “Driving round blog-city

  1. allo:D…thx for visiting my blog:)…n wanna say coke, not can, was green n shall try my best to find out abt the animals to suport the fact…n also those facts were for real as they were actually taken from a book tht was published for kids(thts wht my friend told me)…adios…


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