Atkins: End of Induction

The beginning of Atkins is called induction. It lasts two weeks. It can last longer if you want, but that is the plan.

In two weeks I have lost 4.4 pounds. That's good, compared to any other diet I've been on in the last year. But it's bad in several ways.

First, it's bad because the “average woman” loses 6 pounds in these two weeks.

Second, it's bad because I have felt sicker than I have felt in over a year. For the whole two weeks. I did eventually get over the nausea but I 've been dizzy. Even with extra potassium and stuff, my bones and muscles have hurt. I've just felt too weak to do much for the last two weeks.

I never did get the “burst of energy” that is guaranteed will come. I just got more tired.

I don't think it is worth that. Even if I don't ever get slim on another diet or eating plan, I would rather be well and a size 10 than sick and a size anything.

I guess that I will go back to Body for Life. It is simpler.

1 thought on “Atkins: End of Induction

  1. Does this diet REALLY work? I'm thinking of giving it a whirl. Can't think of anything more satisfying than to gorge myself on greasy meats. My friends lost 20 pounds on it. hmmmmm.
    Good Luck!


    Jeff []

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