Boy throwing up

My oldest son, E-, has always had a problem with reflux. He threw up all he drank every time I tried to burp him as a baby. So no burping for him. I think he is allergic to several foods I love, because I threw up eight months when I carried him, an average of 5 times a day.

We ate at the mall, meeting hubby there for lunch. On the car trip home he threw up. More than 50 oz because I had cups he could throw up in, but they overflowed. It took us 15 more minutes to get home and he just sat there holding one of the cups while I held the other and we got home.

He said it was a good thing he had moved the book. He had his dad's Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars book with him. But it was out of the way and didn't get thrown up on. Unlike E-, the cups, the seat, his clothes, my jacket, and the floor.

I am thankful he isn't sicker, but I wonder if he has an allergy to cheese. If he eats somewhere he hasn't before and has cheese (which is common since he is a vegetarian) he throws up about a quarter of the time.

Got home before the storm hit, for which I am grateful. We kept the windows down to keep from getting sick from the smell.

Once we got home I got his clothes off and sent him up for a shower. He managed that, but then he threw up again. He's upstairs resting now.

You have got to hate it when your kids are sick.