Women Only Pay Attention to Good Looking Guys?

Women are Hypocritical when it comes to choosing by looks this article says. It says that women choose based on the looks of the guy.

Two proofs were offered for this. One was an internet dating service where the guy put up his real picture and didn't get “any significant” response. (Meaning no gorgeous women?) Then he put up a good looking guy's picture and got lots of responses. Okay, does he want a woman who picks guys and says she loves them based on their looks? No.

The second proof was a guy who went to church for over a year and didn't have a single date with any of the women there, although he had talked to many of them. Then he brings a Viking-king look alike who gets hit on three times in one service. Proof positive that women choose based on looks.

I am willing to agree that people notice and are initially more attracted to good-looking people, guys and gals. But that girls pick guys based on their looks? I don't think I'd agree with that. I have lots of friends whose husbands aren't attractive. I wonder why they picked them, if it's based on looks.

I wouldn't doubt there are some people who pick spouses and dates based on looks, but is that really who folks want to go out with? Unless, of course, you're just looking for a good looking date.

I think both my best friends are good looking. One of their husbands is, one isn't. My best looking girlfriend has a nicely attractive husband, but not someone girls go gah-gah over. My best friend from college didn't marry someone incredibly attractive.

Maybe the thing is the best looking people marry the best looking people. I'd be more inclined to go for that. My gorgeous sister married my gorgeous but controlling, womanizing brother-in-law. But as I said, my best looking girlfriend's husband is not the best looking of the husbands of my friends. So…

I don't think women are being hypocritical by saying don't choose us for our looks. Hopefully those women aren't choosing dates by their looks either.

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  1. Two things to say about this. 1) online dating agency isnt necessarily a good test case since there is very little to go on, the one thing one might assume not to be a lie (ie you would get found out because its not subjective, you either look like that or you dont) is that photo.
    2) notice it does not say “Based on good looks”, looks may be a criteria for anyone, but that does not say women only choose “the handsome”. I dont believe this, I think its a balance, obviously your partner has to be attractive to YOU, not necessarily attractive to EVERYONE.


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