15th Anniversary of our First Date

15 years ago this weekend my husband and I went on our first date. That's a miracle all in itself.

I met him at summer school (graduate). Thought he was nice, fun. But no big deal. Then he called me before he left town. We talked for two hours. Afterwards one of my friends said, “I didn't know you knew him that well.” I said I didn't know I knew him that well, either.

I came back to my parents' house at the time. (About thirty minutes from where I now live.) I went shopping at the Foley's at Deerbrook. Found a beautiful green on green velvet and taffeta dress. It was a perfect fit on me and was on sale for $20.

I called a mutual friend and asked him if he thought my future hubby would go out with me. He said probably. Unbeknownst to me, he then called R- to give him a heads up. I didn't know, or I never would have called. I would have been too embarrassed.

When I called R-, who lived out of state, but was coming back to the neighborhood we now live in for the weekend, I didn't do too well at asking him out. “There's this restaurant I want to go to. I have this new dress. I don't know any guys around here.” He said, “You're making me feel real special here.” Anyway, he said yes.

So our first date, I asked him out.

Well, I told him I had a new dress. Women, doesn't that mean it is a fancy restaurant? He calls me back, after he's in town, and says, “Hey, my friend says he went to that restaurant for prom.” I said, Yeah, so what? He said, so it's fancy. Thank goodness he had brought a suit. But he'd forgotten his shoes so he had to go buy new ones. He left those in town when he left, too. Silly guy.

We went to Steak and Ale for dessert. Since we can't afford the restaurant we ate in when we went on our first date (Rainbow Lodge), I like to go back to S&A for our anniversaries.

My dad's going to watch the kids and we'll go out tomorrow night. Not to our S&A, that's over here by us. My dad lives on the exact opposite side of Houston. We live NE. He and my mom live SW. (Mom's in NC visiting my sis right now.)

Happy anniversary, honey.