Day in the life of a middle-aged housewife

This morning I woke up, pulled on clothes and went out to turn on the water for the lawn as soon as my husband got out of the shower. While he was getting dressed for work I was unloading the dishwasher and reloading it. I also took the wet towels and swimsuits out of the trunk and threw them in the washer. It is Monday and from Pilgrim days, that has been laundry day.

After 20 minutes I moved the water. I put on more presentable clothes (not the ones that resemble pajamas) and went to the dry cleaners with my husband's shirts and to WalMart Grocery to buy bread and milk. Turned out we didn't need the bread. Oh well.

When I got home I moved the water, one last time. Unloaded the dishwasher. Did more laundry. And started the kids on their homework. I know it is July, but we do a more round the year school. They don't mind. I generally don't mind. My husband minds. But he isn't in charge of the homeschooling, so…

Once the boys started on their schoolwork, I got on the phone to call the list of people I promised I would call this summer. (I promised in May.) Hey, it's still summer! I don't know why people are freaking out about it not being summer just because it's only three weeks till school starts here. That's three weeks from now. Ask any kid. It's still summer.

I talked for two hours. (Grown ups are more interesting than laundry, etc.) When I got off the phone, I made a run to Taco Bell for lunch. Decadence.

After lunch, the boys got on the computers for two hours. I did more laundry. More dishes. Read the magazines I've gotten in the mail and from my dad's recycle bin.

At two we went to Barnes and Noble. It's new. Less than a month old. We like bookstores. We stayed an hour.

At three-thirty we got home. My youngest wanted to go on Battle Net. Okay, I said. When your room is clean. It's been an hour and a half and two checks on a “clean room” which wouldn't pass inspection with a tornado, much less a parent who can see or feel.

It's time to go pick up the dry cleaning. Otherwise I might forget it. Still have laundry in the dryer. Something with metal buttons, because you can hear it all over the first floor of the house. I washed the last load of dishes. Did another sink full of hand washing, since we did the fogging.

I'm being called for a third room check. This should be interesting.